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Paid parking at CTrain lots? City is exploring it

Possible changes to parking at CTrain lots is up for debate at a City of Calgary transportation committee meeting.

Ward 12 councillor Shane Keating said the goal is to come up with a plan that everyone can live with.

Keating told 660 NEWS that they’re reviewing the reserved parking options.

“In some of the outlying areas where the park and rides are jam-packed full, should we be looking at some system of reservation more than 50 per cent?” Keating questioned. “I think so, but I also think we have to give parking elsewhere.”

The committee is also discussing the possibility of raising parking fines in Calgary.

“We need to have people use public transit, give them the service, allow parking, allow it a low rate or for free,” Keating added. “But allow the ability for those who are willing to pay to be able to say ‘I want this spot right here’ and they’re willing to pay for it. I think everyone’s going to be happy.”