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CPS urge caution after construction worker almost hit by speeder

660 NEWS reporter Lucas Meyer

A downtown Calgary construction crew decided to take matters – or rather markers – into its own hands after one of the workers was almost hit on the job by a speeding driver.

Crews have been working at the 8th St. underpass site between 8th and 10th Avenues S.W. for months and have seen cars going well above the 30 km/hr speed limit.

One member said the entire crew had enough after one of his colleagues was nearly hit by a speeder. So last month, they grabbed some black markers and drew their own ‘SLOW DOWN’ signs on the pillars of the underpass.

The worker said since they made the change, there has been a significant reduction in speeders, but CPS Traffic Unit Staff Sgt. Paul Stacey said, it shouldn’t happen in the first place.

“It’s an absolute lack of respect for the construction workers present,” Stacey said. “The work they’re doing is actually to improve the roadways and the access ways for the very vehicles that are speeding through those zones.”

Stacey said his unit has made more of an effort this year to enforce construction, school and playground zones, along with major highway sites.

He’s hoping the increased enforcement in downtown areas will have similar effects to what’s happened on some major thoroughfares, such as the work going on at Crowchild Tr. and Flanders Ave. S.W.

“We did photo radar there and some manned enforcement for a long period of time and we issued over 3,000 tickets at that one space. I’m happy to say now when I drive through there, and there is no photo radar or manned enforcement, I am seeing vehicles starting to slow down, so I think people got the message at that particular one.”

The hand-made signs have since been replaced with metal ones.