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Seniors needed for U of C study to reduce heart attacks


Many seniors could have access to free heart medication through a new study at the U of C.

According to the University of Calgary, many Alberta seniors at risk for cardiovascular disease don’t get the medications they need so they’re at higher risk for a heart attack.

The U of C’s Cumming School of Medicine wants to recruit 5,000 seniors for a new research study.

It’s looking to determine whether interventions providing free medications and education, partnering the patient more closely with their doctor and pharmacist, could make a big difference.

Dr. David Campbell with the study says everything will done by phone, mail or on line.

“So patients just enroll, fill out our baseline surveys and once we’ve determined they’re eligible and we receive all of their surveys and consent forms, we randomize them on our end and tell people which intervention they’re receiving. Everything is done on our end so if you’re getting the free medications, that’s done through people’s existing Blue Cross, so they don’t need to do anything other than go to their pharmacy and pick up their medications,” says Campbell.

Interested seniors can phone 1-844-944-8927, go to accesstrial.ca or email accesstrial@ucalgary.ca