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Syrian refugee's hold a block party on a beautiful afternoon in Calgary

Saima Jamal

Sunday marked a special day for new Syrian refugees in Calgary, it was their first ever Canadian block party.

The Syrian Refugee Support Group of Calgary, put on a barbecue in Forest Lawn, in hopes of getting people together to create a social support network.

There was plenty of food, music and dancing. Each person at the party brought one home-made dish to share.

Members of the Calgary Police even showed up to the event to show support and introduce themselves to the community.

Saima Jamal, co-founder of the organization says, ” Although the event was a great success, there is still so much to be done. We need so much help still to get people to go to different families homes and teach them English. That’s a huge thing, they still need so much help by driving them to their doctors appointment, dentist buying groceries, Calgary transit for them is to difficult because they don’t understand the language.”

She adds, ” Any little bit of support can help, even an hour out of your day to work with families on learning English would benefit.”

For more information on how to get involved visit The Syrian Refugee Support Group of Calgary on Facebook.