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Calgary event helps refugee families build sense of community


An event in Calgary this weekend wants to set up Syrian refugees for success in Canada.

Thirty four newcomer families will be paired up with local community members who speak Arabic at the Marlborough Community Centre.

Muslim Family Society Chair Idrees Khan says the language barrier remains a big obstacle for those seeking refuge here.

She says it’s important to show them Canada is a country that embraces multi-culturalism.

“They were, you know, forced to leave their homes in Syria; they were living in camps and so on. They’ve been traumatized and I think they need our appreciation of them having new life in a new country,” Khan said.

They plan to tell an inspirational story.

“It is about a doctor who came as a refugee, who made himself something better. So, it’s not only about coming to Canada and living here, it’s about using the best of their abilities to be on their own feet — to live with dignity,” Khan said.

The event goes from 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday.