Education minister responds to concerns about LGBTQ guidelines
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Education minister responds to concerns about LGBTQ guidelines

David Eggen addresses students attending the fourth annual Gay Straight Student Alliance conference. November 21, 2015. (Matt Scigliano, 660 NEWS)

Education Minister David Eggen is dismissing complaints from a fringe group called Protecting Alberta Kids that is up in arms about new LGBTQ guidelines in schools.

The minister is confident all school officials will be on board.

Eggen didn’t pay credence to PA Kids concerns telling reporters that protecting kids is the intent of their guidelines.

“It’s very important that we protect students regardless of their sexuality or their sexual expression and certainly, we want to ensure that everyone is working together,” he said.

He says there had been some misunderstanding with Fort Vermillion but that’s all cleared up now.

Calgary Catholic Chair Cheryl Low initially didn’t want to comment on the issue.

“We have had long-standing policies to support inclusivity and diversity in our students,” she said.

She adds they haven’t received any feedback since protect PA Kids launched its Twitter campaign.