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Airdrie food bank sees record numbers

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It’s not a good record to be breaking.

The Airdrie food bank saw 26,000 users in 2015, the most in its more than 30-year history, with the numbers jumping an astounding 77 per cent in the last three months of that year.

General manager Quinn Donaldson told 660 NEWS, the numbers are still going up in 2016.

“Our numbers are still quite high. We do our hampers by appointment, so we’ve increased from three days a week where we offer appointments to four days a week, just to try and keep up with meeting the need,” Donaldson said.

She added, there have been all kinds of people coming in for help.

“It’s coming from across the board,” Donaldson said. “A lot of people are saying their hours have been cut. [There have been] a lot of layoffs, in different sectors, not one particular sector, but I think it is a real ripple effect from the sectors that are engaging in major layoffs right now. It starts to trickle down to other industries and other sectors as well.”

Those who can help can drop off donations at Airdrie grocery stores, or can donate online.