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City makes case to province for Green Line LRT

Last Updated Jan 25, 2016 at 1:07 pm MST

(Kaitlin Lee, 660 NEWS

City staffers could soon be working on a report proving to the Notley government why the Green Line LRT is a worthwhile investment for provincial funds.

Councillor Shane Keating is calling for the report saying the project fits right in with the NDP’s carbon reduction plans.

“It has the ability to take 35,000 cars off the road so even that alone is carbon emission reduction, without question. It’s also planned to reduce the number of kilometres that people would have to drive within the city, and it also reduces congestion,” he told 660 NEWS.

He says the CTrain is also already the only light rail transit system in North America that is powered completely by wind energy, another reason for the province to pony up cash to support its expansion.

Meanwhile, City staff are clearing up some questions concerned citizens have about the Bus Rapid Transit Project.

A meeting, held last week, was packed wall to wall with southwest residents worried about a lack of engagement.

General Manager of Transportation Mac Logan said city hall is not done consulting with those who live nearby.

“We’ve heard comments of how we’re going to be absorbing green space in the communities. I heard one yesterday that we were going to be building a garage in Woodbine, which we’re not.”

He added that there have been a lot of misunderstandings because residents don’t see a detailed design in front of them.

“We’re doing a number of different types on engagement; showing up at LRT stations and talking to our existing customers.”

Logan said they also won’t be taking lanes of traffic away.

They are also mining data from Calgary police to answer questions about how crime might be affected by the project.

Nenshi said that he can’t see this as anything but good news for those who continue to drive as it will move congestion from key choke points on 14th Street.