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Canada facing a bigger problem than oil: expert


2015 was a tough year for the Canadian economy, but one expert believes things will get worse.

Randy Upright, the CEO of Manpower Alberta, told 660 NEWS the future holds a bigger issue than oil.

“One simple fact that remains relevant is that, notwithstanding, the current economic conditions and factors of today, our country, and certainly our province, are facing a looming labour shortage and a talent gap that’s not specifically related to this moment in time,” Upright said.

He added, with baby boomers retiring in the next few years, the federal and provincial governments need to develop a plan to deal with the shortages.

“We have a short-term problem and that needs our attention,” he explained. “We also have to continue to be talking about [the fact] that we do have a long-term demographic concern that will impact what our overall labour market looks like and we have to be very concerned about that.”

According to Upright, the success of the economy is related to the talent available in the market, which will eventually see a big drop.