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Animal rights group wants coyote killing contest cancelled

(CREDIT: freeimages.com)

A B.C. based animal rights group is calling on the government to stop a coyote killing contest scheduled for this weekend northwest of Edmonton.

Spokesperson for the Association of Fur Bearing Animals, Adrian Nelson told 660 NEWS that it’s an appalling practice.

“More importantly, it’s about the species,” Nelson explained. “Coyotes play an incredibly important role within our ecosystem and just to go out with an all-out slaughter like this is going to have detrimental effects.”

“A lot of the science shows that this type of excessive pressure on coyotes actually leads to more problems with coyote/human encounters, livestock degradation, that kind of stuff.”

Nelson added that they’re calling on the province to ban the practice outright.

They’re also welcoming any Albertans who may also be outraged by the practice to contact the ministry of environment.