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Local wildlife rescue looking for real or fake Christmas tree donations


The Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation is looking for donations of Christmas trees, whether they’re real or artificial.

Executive Director Holly Duvall told 660 NEWS that they will help in their patients’ recovery.

“These are for our wildlife patients as we try to provide them with as natural an environment as possible when they’re in our care. It helps them feel less stressed in their surroundings, which in turn aides their recovery,” said Duvall.

All they ask is that the trees are ornament free.

“If it’s a really dry tree that is shedding needles everywhere, that probably wouldn’t be the best. But we found last year when we did this push that all of the trees that we got were in good condition.”

Some of the trees will be hosted outside.

They’ll begin accepting donations at their Madden location at Township Road 282 and Range Road 30 on January 3rd from 11 A.M. until 4 P.M.