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Four dogs need homes for Christmas a year after their rescue from a Milk River acreage

Last Updated Dec 23, 2015 at 7:51 pm MST

courtesy AARCS

It has been one year since the infamous Milk River dog seizure, the largest case of its kind in the province’s history.

AARCS, the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, took in 60 of the 201 starving animals seized from the southern Alberta acreage.

Officials reported at the time that several puppies had been found dead on the property, another didn’t survive after the rescue and at least one other dog had to be euthanized.

Executive Director Deanna Thompson tells 660 NEWS,  it was the worst case of neglect they’d ever seen.

“They were extremely emaciated, dehydrated, starving dogs. Due to the breeds as well, we had Commondores and Wolfhounds, they were extremely matted, probably never groomed in their lives. It took groomers hours and hours to clean these guys up and that’s really when we saw the extent of how starved they were,” says Thompson.

Some had broken bones, gaping wounds under their fur and they were riddled with parasites.

Incredibly, Thompson says, people stepped up immediately to foster the dogs, giving them love and attention, food and a warm place to sleep in time for Christmas.

Since then, all but four of the 201 have found permanent homes.  Two are at the Red Deer SPCA and the other two are at AARCS.   They are Komondor crosses who will need owners able to deal with some resulting medical conditions.

You can find ‘Hamilton’ and ‘Frills’ (top two dogs) at   The bottom two are Burke and Britz at the Red Deer SPCA.

Hamilton - available for adoption.          Frills is available for adoption     Burke is available at Red Deer SPCA     Britz is available at Red Deer SPCA