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How your insurance provider can help with holiday party hosting

Last Updated Dec 7, 2015 at 7:34 am MST


As you get ready to host all those holiday parties at your house, there may be one last thing to check off your to do list: contacting your insurance provider.

State Farm’s John Bordignon says it’s worth knowing what your home policy covers if you plan on hosting a crowd just in case something goes wrong, like someone getting hurt in your home.

“(A) homeowners insurance policy can cover your liability if you’re deemed to be involved or at fault for something that could wrong in your home,” he said.

He says you’ll want to know exactly what you’re covered for including legal fees and potential hospital bills.

He adds there’s no way to know how many injury claims are made by visitors to homes over the holidays, but the best way to avoid litigation, is prevention.

“Warn guests to pay attention to any hazards on the property they should avoid, that might take them by surprise. Keep your sidewalks and walkways free of ice and snow, ensure there’s adequate lighting outdoors for your guests to come and go,” Bordignon said.

As well, of course, make sure your guests don’t drink and drive.