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Satisfaction of Calgary police rates very high: Police Commission

Calgary Police Commission

According to an annual survey conducted for the Calgary Police Commission, 95 per cent feel the city is safe and 97 per cent have confidence in our police force.

On the surface, the numbers seem very high, in a year where gun violence has escalated to an all-time high.

It still falls well below traffic violations and drugs as citizen priorities.

Commission vice-chair Lisa Silver said that it’s all about perception.

“I would suggest that the service and the Commission would also have to look at the realities: ‘What are the real crime rates’?” she asked. “As we know, the service does follow those actual statistics. So, sometimes perceptions and what is actually happening sometimes are not completely aligned.”

1,002 Calgarians were surveyed over a period from June 22 to Aug. 16.

“We know that Calgary has one of the best police services, but it can only achieve the status through the high level of trust and respect from the community. These results set a very high standard, but one in which the Commision and the Service will work very hard to maintain.”

Officers also received the highest scores since 2009 for being ethical, competent, responding in a fair way, and understanding the safety needs and concerns of citizens.

To see the full 65-page report, click below:

CPC Annual Citizen Survey Report October 14 2015