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NDP candidate offers solution to Stephen Harper's unanswered calls

Stephen Harper’s own constituency office won’t answer its phone, according to some people who have been talking to NDP candidate Matt Masters Burgener. He says it’s a long shot for voters in Calgary-Heritage to see the prime minister on their doorsteps, and their concerns have been largely ignored the last nine years.

“They feel that he’s taken the riding for granted. But they can’t talk to him because he doesn’t answer the door to his constituency office, in fact no one does, and he doesn’t answer his phone calls and he doesn’t answer emails. So how do you get a message to your MP if he won’t respond or pick up the phone?” says Burgener.

His team created SendHarperAMessage.ca where people can submit a message and the team will write it on a 24″x24″ lawn sign, then place it next to one of Harper’s signs. The message has to be short and family friendly.

“He’s the prime minister so he has a portfolio that’s different than I would have, running to be a Member of Parliament, but if you don’t have dialogue or a presence in your own riding, then how can you say that you represent those people?” said Burgener.

Anyone who wants a message printed will have to make a minimum $50 donation to Burgener’s campaign. His supporters will email a photo of the sign to those who make a donation and submit a message.