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Calgary Conservatives dismiss talk of potential Liberal take-over

Ian Campbell

It’s been a long-time Tory stronghold, and despite rumours of the Liberals gaining ground, Conservatives in Calgary tried to present a united front during a rally in Calgary-Centre on Friday.

The headquarters of the riding’s Conservative MP Joan Crockatt were packed, and supporters praisied the prime minister’s record.

Crockatt herself was forced to answer questions about her Liberal opponent, Kent Hehr, gaining ground.

“You know, I think that we look at what the Conservatives have to offer, and that there’s no contest when people will look at what the choices are,” Crockatt said.

Defense minister Jason Kenney invoked the memory of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, and added he was confident Calgary would remain blue. He also spoke about that Alberta’s relationship with Ottawa would be like if Stephen Harper was to be re-elected.

“Provincial governments have no reason to complain, but only reasons to be grateful for a federal government that respects their jurisdiction and is giving them more fiscal support for areas within their jurisdiction than any federal government in Canadian history,” Kenney said.

Harper, who is the candidate for Calgary-Heritage, was noticably absent from Friday’s rally.