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Wildrose and PCs call throne speech too thin

660 NEWS Ian Campbell

The NDP’s throne speech was a little too thin for the main opposition parties.

Official opposition and Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said there were some positives, such as the banning of political donations, but other than that, it falls short.

“It’s very short, it’s very concise,” Jean said. “It was more or less a speech to talk about a speech to the throne that’s coming and a budget that’s coming in the future, so really it doesn’t cover anything substantive.”

Jean did point out that only six weeks since the provincial election, the government deserves more time.

“Albertans want this government to succeed because if it exceeds, Albertans succeed,” he said. “Make no mistake, we will keep their feet to the fire on the things we don’t agree with and we will vote against those things and work against those things because we believe that our policy is better for Alberta.

Interim PC Leader Ric McIver echoed the sentiment of it being too short, but disagrees with the claim of giving the government more time to table a budget.

“They certainly didn’t say before the election they didn’t know how to put a budget together, so to have them say it now is a little bit of an interesting revelation, so I would say sooner’s better than later,” McIver said. “I hope the government reconsiders waiting that long for a budget and thinks about the Albertans whose jobs are hanging in the balance.”

Along with calling the bill too thin, McIver also questioned the bill banning corporate and union donations.

“There’s more transparency now than what I perceive there will be when the bill comes,” he said.