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Calgary slips down list of 'Best Places to Live in Canada'

Last Updated Jun 1, 2015 at 7:26 am MDT

Calgary still holds the title of one of the Best Places to Live in Canada, but it is much further down the list than it used to be.

MoneySense Magazine released its annual rankings Monday, and Cowtown landed 19th place out of 209 cities and towns.

“(It’s) one of the many Alberta cities that slipped down our list this year, sort of a theme we saw come out of the province,” Managing Editor of Reports and Rankings Mark Brown said.

Calgary was number one just two years ago, and slipped to number two last year.

“Everyone’s been talking about the impact that oil prices have been having on the province and you know, that’s true, but really that’s not necessarily the main driver pushing some of these cities down,” he said. “What we’re seeing actually is the effects of the remarkable growth and population, starting to put a strain on city infrastructure.”

He says this year’s number one place to live is a city in Quebec.

“Boucherville — it’s a place that a lot of people probably aren’t familiar with. It’s just outside of Montreal,” he said. “Small population but it seems to check off all the boxes that we look for: low unemployment, high incomes, affordable housing, population growth.”

There is a bright spot on the horizon: Brown says it wouldn’t take very much for Calgary to get back up to number one.

Click here for the full list of rankings, or pick up MoneySense Magazine’s summer issue on June 3.