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Calgary mayor to work with province on flood mitigation

Mayor Naheed Nenshi is hoping to work with the newly elected provincial government on flood mitigation “once the dust settles.”

In a scrum with reporters Monday, Nenshi said he hoped the NDP’s Calgary Caucus would do its homework before coming to a decision on flood mitigation projects.

“In particular, if they feel like Springbank is not a good idea,” he said.” If that’s the case, we have to figure out ways to make McLean Creek work much more quickly than it had done in the past.”

He also said it was important to increase flood mitigation focus to the Bow River.

“No party, including the City of Calgary, has yet to come up with a plan for mitigation on the Bow that makes everyone comfortable,” Nenshi said.

He said that the focus of experts has so far been on community level mitigation for the Bow River.