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Public Interest Alberta launches campaign to save post-secondary education

SAIT Student Association President Jared Stock

Fearing Alberta’s post-secondary education could soon become a target for cuts by the govenrnment, Public Interest Alberta has a launched a new campaign in hopes of sending the Premier a message.

Citing results from an Environics poll that show a majority of Albertans want investment in the sector regardless of the current fiscal situation, they’re currently touring the province, looking to mobilize public support.

Standing in front of student, faculty and union leaders, Public Interest Alberta Executive Director BIll Moore-Kilgannon told reporters the main message is we need to be investing.

“The campaign is called ‘Post-Secondary Education is the Answer’ and it’s to try and show that post-secondary matters to everybody, it’s important in diversifying our economy, making sure we have key professionals and trades people out there but it also has social benefits in terms of reducing crime and poverty,” he said.

Instead, Moore-Kilgannon says the Premier does have revenue options, including the introduction of progressive taxation and introducing a fair corporate tax, like Saskatchewan, that would bring in an additional $2-Billion dollars.

According to their figures, we have the lowest post-secondary participation rate in the entire country.

President of the SAIT Student Assocaition and member of the Alberta Student Executive Council Jared Stock says post-secondary education is not just a ticket to a career.

“A lot of the stuff going on at institutions, affects every other area of the province, like the research happening at university,” he said.

“We’re getting to the point where we’re not going to be able to provide the quality of education that our students expect,” said Sandra Hoenle, President of the Faculty Association at the University of Calgary.