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Alberta Party leader looks for deal with Liberals

Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark is looking to reach a deal with the Liberals ahead of a potential spring election.

Clark is proposing not to run candidates in the five Liberal-held ridings, that’s if the Grits can stay out of Edmonton-Gold Bar, Edmonton-McClung, Calgary-Currie, Calgary-Elbow and Highwood.

“This has been brought about by the fact that Jim Prentice seems like he’s going to call an unnecessary and expensive early election, a year before we are supposed to have an election,” he said. “We’re doing our best to present the strongest possible opposition to what could be an overwhelming PC majority.”

He tells 660News that Prentice does not want a fair fight and he’s confident the Premier will try to take advantage of the opposition in it’s weakened state.

At this stage, the Alberta Party is only considering the Liberals because of their close ties on the political spectrum.

“We’re looking for ways to elect as many like-minded MLAs as possible in the legislature.”

If nothing is done, he believes it’s entirely possible the PC party could win 83 out of 87 seats, which he adds isn’t a healthy majority.

After discussions between the two parties, he tells 660News the Liberal executive didn’t appear to like the idea, but he says it does have support in certain constituencies.

He adds the idea is still on the table and he’s not ruling out dealing with individual associations.

It’s the second time the Liberals have rejected calls for unity with the Alberta Party.

Clark says he also likely won’t run candidates against MLAs David Swann and Laurie Blakeman because they already serve their constituents well.

Clark is the second political leader in Alberta to make such a proposal, after something similar was suggested by Green Party leader Janet Keeping.