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Falling oil prices can make high-divorce month of January even tougher

If you’re a married couple feeling the financial stress of the recent economic downturn, you’re certainly not alone.

January is one of the busiest months for divorces, and with money as one of the key issues, falling oil prices are aiding in marriages falling apart as well.

Nancy Lentz with Calgary’s Law Boutique said they will likely see an increase in divorces, depending on what happens wiht the economy, but they’re already seeing effects.

“It does speak to the increase we’ve seen in clients in our office this month and we’ll probalby see that carry forward in the coming months as well,” she said. “We have seen that in the clients that we’ve seen come and speak to us this month and they’ve been noting financial pressures from before late last year building up and then the news about the economy for 2015 adds to that stress certainly.”

Not only does January continue to be a busy month, the first working Monday after Christmas is dubbed ‘Divorce Day.’

In Calgary, the days and weeks directly after Stampede see rates jump up.