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Reverberations felt close to home after Paris terror attacks

Racist comments, including the words “leave Canada,” are being painted over up after they were spray-painted on an Edmonton temple Friday.

A spokesperson for the Sikh place of worship says they are not looking to contact the police and they don’t believe the vandalism is connected to the terrorist events in Paris this week.

As a response to this week’s event, Edmonton’s Al-Rashid Mosque is increasing security.

A spokesperson says they will have extra eyes on the grounds as a safeguard.

Meanwhile, across the nation, Muslim communities are gathering to pray for the victims in the Paris attacks.

Mubarak Nazir, Head Imam Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamatt tells Toronto’s City News, the attacks are not a reflection of all Muslims.

“We would tell our children that this has got nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a religion of peace, the very word ‘Islam’ means peace.”

Leaders say they are aware there may be a backlash against Muslims following this week’s attacks and add that they will be keeping an eye on local radicalization.