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Petition for Danielle Smith's recall goes from digital to paper

A petition is made its way around former Wildrose leader Danielle Smith’s riding in High River Saturday, aimed at having her recalled.

Smith recently denounced the online version of the petition to recall her, and now a hard copy is gaining signatures.

Amanda Achtman, Co-organizer of the petition, calls Smith’s decision to defect to the PC’s “scandalous”.

“Danielle Smith was the leader of the upstart political party, and for years and years spoke in opposition to the Progressive Conservatives, saying that the party has become ‘corrupt and entitled’, ’43 years is too long to govern’. All of these statements she made, to completely change her tune and say ‘Oh, never mind’? It’s shocking,” Achtman said.

“It is not the Alberta way, not the way we conduct ourselves in politics…This has been a turning point, and I think that’s true for many Albertans.”

Recall legislation has yet to be introduced in Alberta, but it is something Smith had been vocally in support of.
Achtman said Albertans are showing just how important this issue is by supporting the petition over the holidays in what she calls “a grass roots movement”.