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Upset voter sets up website and campaign to have Danielle Smith recalled

Via www.recalldanielle.ca

It hasn’t taken long for the backlash of Danielle Smith’s decision to leave the Wildrose and join the PCs to boil up, as one upset voter has started a campaign to have her recalled.

Political activist Amanda Achtman and a friend started www.recalldanielle.ca, saying Smith herself was once a advocate for MLA recalls.

Achtman still is.

“We think that constituents should be able to recall Danielle Smith and have her be forced to stand for a byelection to see if constituents, her voters actually approve of this backroom deal,” she said, adding the response has been positive.

“Many people have been signing the petition calling on Danielle, demanding that she stand for a byelection in her riding,” she said. “Hopefully what it does is it generates the push publicly, that MLA recall is a possibility and citizens can have this avenue.”

Achtman hopes the MLAs who are still with the Wildrose will support the movement and try to work on preserving recall policies in Edmonton and she wants to hear specifically form voters in the Highwood riding.

She also disagrees with Smith’s comments from Wednesday’s press conference when she said in order to be leader of the official opposition, you have to want to unseat the premier.

“It’s counter and oppose the government, to be a responsible check, to hold the government to account, not to just grasp for power,” she said.