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Impromptu pride celebration to be held at McDougall Centre in response to Bill 10

Expect to see a lot of rainbow flags outside the McDougall Centre over the lunch hour as straight and gay Albertans alike, gather for a pride celebration.

It’s being held in response to Bill 10, a controversial piece of legislation that allows for gay-straight alliances in Alberta schools, but also provides school boards with an “opt-out.”

Organizer and local journalist Mike Morrison felt compelled to do something after enduring what he says has been a rough week for the LGBTQ community.

“I think a lot of people last night were frustrated with what they were seeing and what they can do to help and I was sitting here thinking, well I have a lunch hour free,” he said. “So I’m gathering me and some of my friends and we’re having a mini-pride celebration, sort of like a mini-pride parade. It’s not a protest or a demonstration, just a reminder of what the pride values mean and how great it is to love everyone equally.”

Morrison says many are concerned about how quickly the government is trying to pass this bill and he didn’t want the opportunity to pass them by.

“There seems to be so much anger towards this, on all sides, except for the PC Government and even a little in the PC government for those brave enough to stand up,” he said. “So I wanted to say, we’re still going to be here and we’re not going to go away and mostly to the LGBTQ kids in Alberta, they have our support if they don’t have the government’s.”

He adds those who are hoping to join in, just bring yourselves. If you have a pride-flag, bring it.

The Pride Celebration gets underway at 12:30.

Meantime, the third and final reading of Bill 10 is expected to be passed sometime Thursday afternoon, inside the legislature.