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NDP leader says it's time for protection against sexual harassment in the Legislature

Sexual harassment between politicians has been a hot topic on Parliament Hill in recent weeks, after two Liberals were suspended over allegations from a couple New Democrats.

So what kind of rules are in place governing similar behaviour of members of Alberta’s Legislature?

NDP leader Rachel Notley, said as far as she knows, there isn’t anything in place.

“Going forward I think it would be wise for members services in conjunction with the speakers office to look at talking with all parties about developing something in advance of any problems arising,” she said.

Notley said she has not experienced sexual harassment from a political colleague herself, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

Wildrose MLA Heather Forsyth, who will step down from her post in political life soon, said the workplace needs to be safe for everyone.

“Whether it’s a male or female, staff member, MLA, people need to be protected and they have to have an avenue to seek that protection,” said Forsyth.

She said she hasn’t experienced anything like this, but her first step if something were to occur, would be to speak with the party leader Danielle Smith.

Premier Jim Prentice tells 660News all MLAs and government staff should be protected from sexual harassment.

He says this is extremely important and we want a respectful environment in our legislative assembly.

“I have three daughters and I hope one day one of them will go into public life. I think in the legislative assembly of all places, people have to be respectful of each other and show the kind of values that we expect in our society, so, definitely,” said Prentice.