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Alberta MP seeks answers from government over High River gun seizures

A Conservative MP from southern Alberta is disappointed a report has once again been delayed, into the gun seizures that happened on people’s properties in High River during the floods in June 2013.

John Barlow, who represents the riding of Macleod, has formally submitted a list of questions to the RCMP and Canadian Forces through a government order paper.

Barlow said although he’s unimpressed with the delay, he hopes the commission is taking an in depth look at what happened.

“Maybe going harder and digging deeper than maybe people thought they would and I hope that’s the process and perhaps it’s going to be worth while when this review is complete,” he said. “People in High River and that area, they just really want answers, why was this decision made? Who made this decision and for people across the country, they want to know is this something that could happen in their communities?”

Barlow added he is disappointed an independent commission once again delayed the release of its report about actions of RCMP officers, who forcibly entered homes and seized hundreds of firearms, ammunition and other weapons.