Analyst says security upgrades on Parliament Hill long overdue
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Analyst says security upgrades on Parliament Hill long overdue

Canadians awoke to a new reality Thursday, one that will see a lot of changes in the coming days, especially to security and the access we have to our elected officials.

It’s a point of pride for many Canadians that we don’t have the same security we see in the U.S., but political analyst and author Dr. Allan Bonner told 660News we should.

“There’s far more security at a small, legislative office in a small U.S. state than there is in our national parliament,” he said. “The fact that you can get in the door of our national parliament with a long gun says it all.”

He said it’s not un-democratic to install check points and metal detectors.

“One someone is in they can be greeted happily and welcomed to their parliament, but we should make sure that whoever is coming on the grounds of Parliament Hill doesn’t have a nefarious purpose,” he explained, adding democracy doesn’t mean anyone can walk up and down the halls of government buildings.

Some say they don’t want to see a bunker state in Canada but Bonner said all you need to do is look at the airport or border crossings – we’re already there.

As for Wednesday attack, he said there needs to be accountability.

“The head of the Secret Service resigned after a breach of security at the White House and I wonder what is going to be the result here, because after we’re through grieving and after we’re through being shocked, it’s time to say who’s responsible for this security system that didn’t work?” he asked.

Bonner added the mentality that we can’t let the terrorists have their way is silly, because they’ve already extracted hundreds of millions of dollars invested in permanent security.

“It’s Canada’s turn”

A political science professor and terrorist expert at the University of Calgary says Wednesday’s shooting in Ottawa sent the message loud and clear that Canada is not special and we are on terrorists groups’ hit lists.

Dr. Michael Zekulin says Canada has always been lumped in with Britain and the U.S. as the western democratic societies.

“Unfortunately this is not a surprise, we’ve been actually very fortunate compared to most of our allies in the number of attacks we’ve been able to disrupt. This is something that all western-democratic states are facing and unfortunately its Canada’s time or Canada’s turn,” said Zekulin.

“It’s going to require us to be aware and–you’re hearing the buzz word quite often–vigilant. Basically we’re going to be asking all Canadians now if they feel something is out of the ordinary or if something doesn’t seem right, they’re to share that information.”