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Alberta Party takes aim at Gordon Dirks and his beliefs on homosexuality

It’s the idea of the Alberta Party after witnessing Gordon Dirks refuse a pride button in advance of Wednesday night’s debate.

Their new website ( invites users to pin the pride sticker on the Calgary-Elbow by-election candidate, but there’s only a picture of Dirks.

Users who try to click on the pic, will find it moves and will do everything it can to dodge the aim of your cursor.

“It’s a way of having a little bit of fun to draw attention on what’s a very important issue,” said Alberta Party leader and Calgary Elbow candidate Greg Clark. “I happily put one on (badge) and Gordon Dirks declined.”

“There’s a lot of doubt, I have never heard Gordon Dirks express his views on same-sex marriage, on gay rights in general. What I do know is that he and Jim Prentice have refused to support gay-straight alliances in schools, have refused to repeal Bill 144 which is very divisive and allows parents to take kids out of class when homosexuality is discussed,” Clark added.

He believes it’s hurtful to the community and tells 660News, people he’s been meeting with in Calgary-Elbow are concerned his views don’t match with their own.

Clark adds Dirks doesn’t even live in the riding.

In a written statement to 660News, Dirks writes:

“I believe everyone has the right to be respected and treated with honour and dignity. I support the work of the Human Rights Commission to foster equality and reduce discrimination. Diversity enriches our culture, promoting tolerance¬† while inspiring new ideas and energy here in Alberta. I am committed to ensuring every child in Alberta’s schools has a safe, caring and respectful learning environment. That is my commitment to Albertans.”