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Calgary Jihadist Farah Shirdon hints of attack on New York City

It’s a revealing look into ISIS never seen before, provided by Calgary Jihadist Farah Shirdon.

The 21-year-old agreed to an interview with Vice News and its founder Shane Smith on September 23rd, 2014, to talk about how he was recruited and the terrorist group’s plans moving forward.

Shirdon vows several of his brothers are planning an attack on New York City.

“God willing we will make some attacks in New York soon. A lot of brothers are mobilizing there right now in the West, thanks to Allah,” Shirdon said.

The nephew of a former prime minister of Somalia smiled several times during the eight minute interview and appeared almost outraged while dishing out threats.

The former Calgary movie theatre employee revealed there was no one here to recruit him and that the newspaper and Qur’an was inspiration enough.

He adds one CSIS officer did stop to question him as to why he was leaving Canada and then allowed him to continue his trip.

“And this is the truth: all the intelligence workers, FBI and CSIS, are imbeciles,” he said. “I can’t believe how someone with extremist, terrorist ideologies was sitting in front of you and you didn’t capture him. The next time they saw me, I was ripping up my passport.”

Shirdon was referring to the video of him taken earlier this year, where he renounces the West, telling Barack Obama they are coming for him. He then proceeds to rip up his Canadian passport and throws it into the fire.

“There are upwards of 10,000 to 15,000. All the recruits right now are coming to Iraq,” he said, telling Smith they are planning to rise up against Kurdish forces.

The former Calgarian says their biggest enemy right now is the world: everyone in the “coalition.”

He provided the interview through online video chat from his hideout in Mosul, Iraq, where he says they have been under constant attack.

In response to the heightened terror alert in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio tweets: “we are convinced that New Yorkers are safe. We are convinced that people should go about their normal routine.”

The interview with Shirdon is his first in-person appearance; it comes six weeks after he was reported dead.