Scottish Referendum gets some A-list help on both sides
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Scottish Referendum gets some A-list help on both sides

A-list celebrities are weighing in on a debate overseas that has been called by some, one of the most important the Scottish people will see in a generation.

On Thursday, Scottish residents will head to the polls and decide in a referendum whether they would like to continue being part of the United Kingdom or if they would like to go it alone.

Recent polls show it will be a close vote and with a record number of people registered to cast a ballot, we may not know the results until late Thursday night, early Friday morning.

Among those on the “No” side so far are Canadian movie star and Saturday Night Live alum Mike Myers whose made a career out of embracing his Scottish ancestry.

“Listen, I love Scotland and I hope they remain part of Britain but if they don’t, I still love them,” Myers said in a recent Radio 4 interview.

In an online video for the “Better Together” campaign, Torchwood and Dr. Who star John Barrowman used the notion of Scotland’s native son Robbie Burns to stress why they’d be stronger as part of the union.

“We can take this opportunity to embrace the things that connect us in our family of nations, not to be caught up in ways that divide people,” he said. “I’m Scottish, I do have an opinion and I do have a voice. We are stronger when we stand together.”

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has been talking to the media, including the BBC on why she thinks independence is not a good idea right now.

“We’re in the middle of a huge, terrible, terrifying recession,” she said. “I just think now is a time for stability.”

On the “Yes” side, Welsh actor Rhys Ifans stressed how important of a vote this was and stressed admiration for his Scottish brothers and sisters.

“I’m slightly envious that you’re being given the opportunity to prove to yourselves and the rest of the world that Scotland is brave,” he said.

Grey’s Anatomy Star Kevin McKidd told the BBC if he still lived in Scotland, he would be voting yes.

“We’re too feisty a people to let things turn bad if we went and tried it,” he said.

And then there’s Scotland’s most famous groundskeeper, ‘Groundskeeper Willie’ whose been using this opportunity to make a special online pitch.

“Scotland should be free and more importantly, I should run it,” he said.