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AFL president claims the TFW Program is undercutting Canadian wages

According to the Alberta Federation of Labour, documents it obtained suggest Alberta businesses were given the green light to under pay temporary foreign workers last year.

The AFL claims the fear of businesses using TFW’s as pawns to drive down wages is why the federal government introduced reforms to protect Canadians from wage suppression.

“The government’s prevailing wages rules were broken and twisted,” says AFL President Gil McGowan, who adds hundreds, possibly thousands of businesses are guilty of paying temporary foreign workers below the prevailing wage.

“What’s even more shocking is the government actually facilitated this process by approving applications from employers who admitted right up front that they intended to pay their workers less than the prevailing wage. In other words, the government ignored it’s own rules.”

McGowan adds the government should not be facilitating wage suppression when the economic conditions suggest wages should be going up–calling the TFW Program a train wreck.

“It’s clear that this program is not in the interest of working Canadians; and it’s clear people like Jim Prentice, people like Justin Trudeau, and people like Dan Kelly are simply wrong and should be ignored when they say restrictions on the use of TFW should be eased.”