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New efficiencies at Parking Authority create more revenue for city coffers

Revenue generated from parking tickets is up compared to what it was five years ago, despite fewer tickets being issued.

According to data from the Calgary Parking Authority, almost $5.6-million in revenue was collected in 2013, compared to five years ago when $4.4-million was generated from infractions.

The revenue gain comes despite 11,000 fewer tickets being handed out in 2013 compared to 2009.

Manager Troy McLeod believes there are a variety of reasons why they are seeing the additional funds.

“We’ve seen increases in revenue year over year, it’s due to operating our facilities with much more efficient applications and then with the photo enforcement at the parkades, we’re seeing an increase of enforcement revenue through that,” explained McLeod.

For those who do receive tickets, he says the best option is to always pay early as 35 per cent of people are still opting to pay a larger, $70 late fine.

Last year was also a more lenient year compared to 2012 however, as fewer tickets were issued and lower revenues generated during the summer months because of June’s flood.