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Calgarians celebrate Easter building cardboard forts

On Easter Sunday, one group in Calgary wasn’t looking for Easter eggs.

The Awesome Foundation was instead looking for Calgarians’ best ideas for a fort as it hosted its first ever Cardboard Fort Day at the Endeavour Arts Gallery downtown.

The group raises money to help finance Calgarians’ “awesome” ideas.

Calgary’s best cardboard engineers showed up to the event to bring their ideas to life.

Joseph and his family built a master fort that was a little less than five feet tall.

“It has a string connecting from the ceiling to it to hold up the roof, and it has a pillar in the middle that our dad made,” explained Joseph. “Inside there’s a table that someone brought in, and people decorated it with stickers everywhere.”

The master fort also had a tunnel leading out the back to a porch.

Other participants made a rocket ship, with a jet pack (naturally), and a pirate ship!