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Second arrest made in murder of Gatleak Metkurjock

21 year old Anthony Ambrose Brothers was found in Gleichen. He'll be charged with 2nd degree murder in the death of Gatleak Metkurjock.

Calgary Police have made a second arrest in the murder of Gatleak Metkurjock.

The 20 year old Sudanese refugee was found on the ground, outside a home in the 2100 block of 16th Street S.W. back in January 2012.

Police believe there was a dispute that night at a house party, that led to confrontation between several people.

Metkurjock was rushed to hospital and died the following day from blunt force trauma.

Homicide investigators recovered a weapon at the scene, which was later revealed to be a frying pan.

Late Thursday night, members of the RCMP arrested Anthony Ambrose Brothers of Calgary without incident in Gleichen, AB.

Arrangements are now being made to have the 21 year old sent back to the city.

Brothers is the second man to be charged with second degree in less than a week, after a 19 year old man was taken into custody on Tuesday.