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Councillor challenges downtown cycle track

He said he’s not against cycling, he’s against “nonsense.”

Ward 4 Councillor Sean Chu isn’t shy about questioning the use of Calgary’s bike lanes, especially in the winter.

Chu said the proposed cycle track on 1st Street SE, downtown, is just one of his concerns.

“It does not make sense,” he said. “Make the lanes on 1st Street a little bit narrower, and still have four lanes, but still put in a bike lane.”

Ward 1 Councillor Ward Sutherland joined the discussion on Twitter by posting “Continuing to get interesting comments regarding cycle tracks and locations . So far 100% against 1st.”

But, Bike Calgary’s Kimberley Nelson wants people to consider the success of the cycle track on 7th Street SW.

“It has blown away all expectations,” Nelson said. “It’s actuallly improved traffic flow on that road, just with the timing of the lights, and the way everything works with the bicycles.”

Nelson believes because there is no space to build new roads downtown, more people need to be encouraged to take up cycling.

She added about 150 people attended Calgary’s Winter Bike to Work Day event on Friday.