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AESO urges power conservation after record power consumption

Conserve, conserve, conserve.

The key message from officials with the Alberta Electric System Operator this morning after the province reached peak levels in November in terms of power use.

It’s a first to have it this early in our province something they attribute to frigid temperatures and increases to our population.

Wednesday morning they opened the doors to the nerve center that makes it all possible.

Power use and generation for all of Alberta is monitored by four people in a single large room but of course there are many other people behind the scenes.

“We have a large number of people who are focused continually on ensuring that the grid is reliable,” said Mike Law, Vice President of Operations.

The facility also runs on about 200 servers with up to six days worth of diesel as a backup and boasts way to go mobile if for some reason the operation had to evacuate to a backup site.