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Calgary doctors keeping close watch on measles, after case confirmed in Lethbridge

Health officials in the city want to make sure the measles don’t make their way here to Calgary.

There are no confirmed cases of the illness in the city, but there’s one person sick in Lethbridge.

Dr. Judy McDonald tells 660News, if you think you may have the measles, call your doctor before doing anything.

“As soon as you go anywhere, if you’re infectious, then you’ve exposed all those people,” she says. “So, it’s around co-ordinating that visit to your doctor, and if you need to go to the laboratory for testing, co-ordinating that visit so you’re not exposing others.”

Symptoms include a cough, runny nose, red eyes, a fever, and a rash that starts behind the ears and spreads down the body.

Dr. McDonald urges anyone who did not receive two doses of the measles shot when they were young, to get up to date with the vaccine.