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Quebec train derailment tragedy raises safety concerns in Alberta

Calgary’s Mayor is calling for the modernization of railway regulations, following the recent train derailment and deadly fire involving a number of tanker cars hauling crude oil in Lac-Megantic, Quebec.

Naheed Nenshi says he’s not overly concerned about the transport of hazardous materials through the city, because that has been happening for decades.

Nenshi says he has spoken with the Prime Minister and he expects there will be more dialogue in the future.

He would like to see municipalities given a little more input in terms of both operation and safety in an area that right now falls solely under federal jurisdiction.

Less than two weeks ago, emergency responders in Calgary risked their lives emptying and removing a number of rail cars, which were carrying petrochemicals that were stuck on a 101-year-old failing railroad bridge over the Bow River.

Alberta’s Transportation Minister Ric McIver tells 660News, he’s eagerly awaiting the results of the probe in Lac-Megantic, and he’s confident any recommendations that are made will be acted upon quickly.

McIver, who was also the Alderman in Ward 12 for a number of years before getting into provincial politics, says there have been discussions about relocating the Ogden rail yards outside of the city, with who would pick up the tab the major stumbling block.