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Police identify person of interest in Bow incident

Calgary police say they have a person of interest in an incident that saw the entire Bow building evacuated Tuesday afternoon.

Officers say a man was confronted by security in the women’s washroom on the 55th floor who was brandishing a knife, uttering threats, and making mention of terrorism.

CPS spokesperson Kevin Brookwell says police stayed inside the downtown tower until 2 a.m. Wednesday morning reviewing security tape and making sure the building got the all-clear.

“We believe we think we know who it is, so we’re basing it on what we see in the video.” He says. “Our patrol folks, or one of our investigators thought they recognized who that was, and so that’s why we’re moving forward with that individual.”

Brookwell says in the confusion of a fire alarm also being pulled, police weren’t sure at first if the suspect had left the Bow.

They are working closely with security to find out how they might improve their response to incidents in the future.

“We’re looking at the magnitude of this type of incident, our response mechanisms, what we have in place.” He says.

Brookwell says building security is looking closely at how someone managed to get themselves up on the 55th floor.