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Stephen Ave. is city's parking ticket hot spot

Parking in one of a few stalls on Stephen Avenue could cost you more than just the hourly rate.

Zone 2462, otherwise known as that small stretch of diagonal spots near 4th Street, was Calgary’s most-ticketed area in 2012.

According to The Calgary Herald, the Calgary Parking Authority handed out 1,377 tickets; that’s more than $76,000 in fines.

It may be because it’s one of the few areas in the city left that’s manually patrolled, or it could be due to the 30-minute time limit.

General Manager Troy McLeod tends to think there’s a much simpler reason behind this act of non-compliance.

“It’s just a choice of whether you pay or not, and I think the location here has a propensity of not paying in most instances,” he tells 660News. “I think it’s around activity and the issue of leaving your vehicle. You may have a quick errand and choose to pay, or do something in an area where it’s not allowed.”

McLeod says it’s important for people to remember they don’t use quotas.

“We have set staff and look to make sure we have high compliance in all areas. It’s a balance between the calls we get and managing the on-street operations,” he explains.

They do monitor historic data and they have been known to up their enforcement in certain areas where that compliance rate is not good.

The second-largest hot spot in the city behind Stephen Avenue is Kensington Crescent N.W., where only 72 per cent of people follow the rules.

But it’s not all doom and gloom; in fact, McLeod believes we are getting better at paying those hourly tolls.

“I think over the past five years things have improved overall, but there continues to be areas and locations where there is lower compliance and we just want to make sure that’s consistent throughout the city and that businesses have the parking they need,” he says.

Overall in 2012, Calgary Parking Authority officers handed out more than 120,500 parking tickets and $6.7-million in revenue was turned over to the city.