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Breastfeeding support ads hit Calgary Transit

The Calgary Breastfeeding Matters Committee is taking to transit to let the public know that it’s okay to breastfeed and it’s good for everyone.

Jennifer Peddleston is on the committee and says breastfeeding is normal and helps prevent obesity and the development of diabetes.

Still, mothers continue to face harassment; being ask to cover-up, move, or even leave if they are going to feed.

“It’s 35 years after I breastfed my children and I thought the discrimination and pressure about it would be gone, because we have lots of knowledge and no one would mind. But, it seems we have regressed and it’s sad,” says Peddleston.

She says the take-away from new ads posted on busses around Calgary is that breastfeeding should be accepted by all of us as it benefits not just baby and mom, but will also save the country in healthcare costs.