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B.C. Lotto winner donates money to Alberta "4:20" celebrations

The Lotto Max winnings of a British Columbia man are going to pot — literally.

Bob Erb of Terrace, B.C., won $25 million in the lottery last November and now he’s pledged up to $500,000 dollars to “Sensible B.C.,” a group that hopes to have a provincial referendum on the issue of decriminalizing marijuana in 2014.

Erb has also recruited Keith Fagin of Calgary420.ca to head up similar efforts in Alberta and across the prairies.

Erb has contributed $10,000 to the annual 4:20 celebrations on April 20th at the Alberta Legislature.

Fagin said this year’s celebrations in Edmonton will certainly benefit.

“Last year we had 10,000 people,” said Fagin. “We certainly didn’t have the resources Bob is providing this year and it’s also on a Saturday, so we’re expecting a huge crowd.”

In November, a Forum Research poll found 65% of Canadians favour either legalization or decriminalization of marijuana in small amounts.