Economy to highlight sitting of Parliament resuming Monday
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Economy to highlight sitting of Parliament resuming Monday

Parliament gets back underway Monday and there is sure to be a lot of hot button issues on the hill.

Political observers expect the economy will be the major topic with the Tories promising to cut the deficit by the next election in 2015.

Many are also looking forward to how the next Liberal head will battle with NDP leader Tom Mulcair and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Cheryl Collier with the University of Windsor says the heat is on Mulcair to grab more votes in the next election and prevent the Liberals from making a comeback.

“It’ll be up to him to get his messaging out to be the official opposition,” explains Collier. “You have to really look like a government in waiting, not just a protest party.”

Keith Brownsey with the University of Calgary agrees, but adds so do Liberal interim leader Bob Rae and current frontrunner for the Grit leadership, Justin Trudeau.

“Those three are going to be the ones to watch,” says Brownsey. “Mr. Harper, for his part, is doing okay in the polls right now… but that’s okay in the poll ‘right now’.”

Brownsey’s curious to see how the Conservatives will keep the promise of slashing the deficit by using budget cuts without tax hikes, especially with the economy waning.