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Alberta's Premier receives kudos for saying no to the Oilers

Premier Alison Redford has again repeated there will be no new lottery or gaming scheme to make up the $107 million dollar shortfall for a new Edmonton Oilers arena.

Redford says if the city of Edmonton wants to use cash from the Municipal Sustainability Initiative program, that’s fine but it can’t look to the province for any additional dollars.

Her comments come two days after the city and the Edmonton Oilers agreed to a framework funding deal to build the $480-million facility for the NHL team.

Scott Hennig with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation applauds the announcement.  He says taxpayer dollars should never go to private business ventures.

Hennig also hopes there will be a public outcry in Edmonton if the city does raid the MSI fund, which was designed to help pay for things like roads, sewers and transportation projects.

Alberta’s Finance Minister has talked about crafting a lottery or gaming fund to help out the Oilers, but Redford says recent number crunching and a tight budget make that impossible.

Hennig is also confident the city of Calgary won’t make the same mistakes as Edmonton has when the Flames roll out their own arena proposal, which will eventually happen.