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Deerfoot remains Calgary's most dangerous road

Recent crash statistics reinforce the fact, that Deerfoot Trail is the most likely road in the city, where people will be involved in a crash.

The Calgary Sun reports between September and December, police were called to more wrecks and traffic jams on Deerfoot than anywhere else in the city.

As for the most dangerous intersections in the city, Deerfoot and Glenmore is the biggest problem spot, followed by Deerfoot and Memorial, with Deerfoot and 16th Avenue and Glenmore trail and Crowchild trail tied for third.

Police Duty Inspector Patty McCallum tells 660News, the biggest problem is drivers seem to forget Deerfoot is a highway, and when you travelling at a higher rate of speed, problems happen at a much qicker rate.

Alberta’s Transportation Minister Ric McIver says he is well aware of the problems on the Deerfoot, but right now there is no money in the budget for re-design plans.

However, McIver does think when the eastern leg of the Stoney Trail is completed later in the year, that should ease some of the congestion.

Alderman Jim Stevenson thinks eventually the city will again take over control of operating Deerfoot Trail, but only after some improvements by the province are made.

Stevenson doesn’t think the solution to reducing the carnage is to reduce the speed limit from 100 to 80 kilometres an hour, but he expects some of his council colleagues would lobby long and hard to make that happen.