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Weather cooperating for record-breaking skydive attempt

ROSWELL, NM (NEWS1130) – The weekend weather in Roswell appears to be co-operating this time for extreme athlete and skydiver Felix Baumgartner’s death-defying free fall into the southeastern New Mexico desert.

Meteorologist Don Day says the weather forecast is still favourable for the jump, scheduled for early tomorrow.

Baumgartner will be prepared at sunrise to launch his 30 million cubic foot helium balloon which will hoist a 3,000-pound capsule that will carry the jumper 37 kilometre up in the sky.

The jump has already been cancelled twice due to high winds.

The 43-year-old is trying to break a 1960 high-altitude parachuting record.

He will also test a pressurized suit that is designed for stratospheric jumps. One of the major risks of the jump is that any tear or minor rip in his pressurized suit could expose him to a lack of oxygen and temperatures as low as 70 degrees below zero.

The energy-drink maker Red Bull is sponsoring the feat and is promoting a live Internet stream of the event here.

There will be a 20-second delay in the broadcast in case anything goes wrong.