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Your hard-drive may come back to haunt you!

The Electronic Recycling Association of Alberta says it has been approached by businesses and government concerned that information stored on computers they’ve sent for recycling, has come back to haunt them.

That has prompted a warning from the Association.

The ERA’s Bojan Paduh tells 660News, calls continue to come in from people who’ve been contacted for passwords or other enquiries related to computers they assumed were long gone.

Paduh says while it may not be new information to many, the warning bears repeating.

“Erase the hard-drive yourself or remove the hard-drive, smash it with a hammer or hire a company that can actually do that for you,” says Paduh.

Paduh says the companies and government departments that have contacted the association have had their computers remove from poorly supervised recycle sites, and sold, without having their information erased.   

He says if you’ve dropped off your PC without removing the drive over the last two years, you very well might fall victim to data theft.