Website identifying pedophiles goes live
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Website identifying pedophiles goes live

Despite the threat of a lawsuit, a controversial website is now up and running publishing the names and, in many cases, the pictures of convicted pedophiles.

Those behind it say they’re not doing anything wrong

Canada Family Action finally went ‘live’ with on Friday.

Though a technical glitch prevented them from finding out exactly how many hits the site got on the first day, they now know it’s getting hundreds of hits per hour.

CFA president Brian Rushfeldt tells 660News, victims say the new site will help in the healing process.

“People we’ve talked to that have been victims and are now survivors are all quite positive, in the sense that the more information they can have the more safe they feel,” says Rushfeldt.

To those upset over the offenders identities being published, he says,

“By the crime itself, they have outed themselves on that.”

He says his site is not outing them, it is publishing what has already been out in the media.

The website also offers resources or links to resources for victims, parents and even the offenders.